Zambia Fundraising Ball

Thanks to all who joined us for a black and gold ball at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow, organised by young people fresh from their visit to Zambia. We saw so many projects where there is so much good going on and people are really making a difference, saving and improving lives daily.

We’ve decided to fundraise for four projects that we visited in Ndola, Zambia this summer. We were inspired by these four projects but were struck by the news that international funding had been drying up since the financial crash of 2008. These projects are working to be sustainable but with extra support they can expand and continue to change the lives of many more children.

Natwange Community School in Chipilukusu has come a long way from the first Bolt FM visit, where they had converted shipping containers for classrooms. This summer we met staff and pupils and were given a tour round the facilities. We were deeply impressed by the improvements made to the facilities, including the two on-site homes for looked after young people.

Isubilo means hope in the local language of Bembe. This project was set up to bring hope to individuals and the communities around Chifubu, who are suffering from the effects of HIV/AIDS, sickness, poverty and marginalisation, by providing medical and physical help, from food, to education. We were saddened to see that so much of the great work we had seen in 2007 was no longer happening due to donors in the UK perceiving that HIV was no longer a problem, and so no longer worth helping with. We visited their youth project helping young people to explore issues in a safe environment. –

Oasis Village is more than an orphanage, but a place many children call home. With house “mothers” rather than dormitories, we saw how, once surrounded by things that we take for granted (toys, games and books) these children are achieving great results in their exams and able to move on to a better life.

Chifubu UCZ community school is funded by the local congregation who give what they can to enable 200 pupils to learn. With a few pounds, they can build a playground keeping the children safe during break. As our main partners for our exchange, we have seen how much difference a small amount of money can make.

We have seen all of these projects first hand, and have seen that any money is used wisely and for the stated needs. We raised over £1,000 and look forward to the money being used in Zambia this year.

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