Schools work

Bolt FM works alongside teachers to cover aspects of the curriculum in a variety of accessible, enjoyable and educational ways.  

In Primary Schools, our most popular package involves looking first at the history of radio, then how it is used today to communicate with others.  We work with the pupils and teachers to plan how to tie the class topic into a radio show, using a variety of literary styles from poetry, interviews and drama scripts to the music and chat links required, discussing the skills necessary for each method of communication.

Members of the class can take on different roles within the radio show, including group leadership, script writer, performer, producer/director, and children as young as 7 can be taught to engineer their own radio show in less than ten minutes!

Radio shows are broadcast on the internet, allowing the wider school, parents and the community to listen to the pupils’ work.  We record the programmes for posterity, and some may be used in our once a year, FM broadcast.

Pupils from Dalmarnock Primary School working on their Dynamic Youth Awards.

LIT 2-02a, ENG 2-03a, LIT 2-06a, LIT 2-09a, LIT 2-10a, EXA 2-13a, EXA 2-14a.  HWB 2-11a, HWB 2-12a, HWB 2-13a

Bolt FM bronze package – 

Introductory meeting with relevant school staff to understand needs of the class and school – £50

5 x 2 hrs sessions covering two staff members, preparation, radio training, studio hire, transport and final online broadcast – £750

Total £800

Silver package – As above but with SQA accreditation.

Administration of Dynamic Youth Awards (including cost of certification £5pp) giving up to 30 students SQA level 3 qualification, supporting the Curriculum for Excellence – £200 

(Other class sizes can be negotiated depending on teaching staff availability)

Total £1,000

Gold package – As above but with a longer term relational approach that can be designed to meet the needs of your pupils and school.

Total – Negotiable depending on requirements.